Date Archives: 2017/07


Fiji Hindi, now available in Forvo

Fiji Hindi , also known as Fijian Hindi or Hindustani more locally, is spoken by many Fijian citizens of Indian descent. An Eastern Hindi language, it is considered to be an older dialect of the Awadhi, a language that is spoken in central and...

July 27, 2017


The Arabic language, at risk in Israel

Arabic and Hebrew are the two official languages is Israel. However, a bill has been approved which proposes the elimination of the former language as an official language of the country. In words of MK Yousef Jabareen, this would constitute...

July 12, 2017


Comoros, today is your National Day! Let's celebrate it

Today, 6 July, the Comoros is celebrating its National Day, the day in which the country declared independence from France 42 years ago. To commemorate this historic event, what could Forvo do? Well, nothing less than including the four languages...

July 6, 2017