“theater”的发音 英语 [en]

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语句 - 定义 - 同义词
  • theater在短语中的示例

    • I went to the Warfield Theater for a show yesterday.

      I went to the Warfield Theater for a show yesterday.的发音 发音者 vulcanmeister (男,来自美国)
  • theater的定义

    • a building where theatrical performances or motion-picture shows can be presented
    • the art of writing and producing plays
    • a region in which active military operations are in progress
  • theater的同义词

    • battleground的发音 battleground [en]
    • front的发音 front [en]
    • field的发音 field [en]
    • terrain的发音 terrain [en]
    • dramaturgy的发音 dramaturgy [en]
    • stage的发音 stage [en]
    • playhouse [n]: performing arts hall; auditorium; a
    • bridgehead
    • sphere of operations
    • combat sector


“theater”的发音 荷兰语 [nl]

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