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Country: United States

Language: 英语

Place: Erin, Wisconsin

U.S. Open 2017 pronunciation guide

Learn to pronounce the names of golfers in U.S. Open

Can you pronounce the names of golfers, past and present? Forvo's US Open page gives you the opportunity to listen to how a native speaker pronounces the names of golfers from around the world.

You can also find out how to say common words associated with the game of golf in English on this page.

The US Open Championship is an annual golf tournament which takes place in the United States. It is the second of the four major championships in golf after the US Masters. It is followed by the British Open and the USPGA Championship.

The tournament is staged at a variety of golf courses across the US. This year the competition takes place at at Erin Hills in Erin, Wisconsin.

U.S. Open 2017

Learn to pronounce the names of golf players taking part in U.S. Open 2017.