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Language: 英语

Place: Royal Birkdale, Southport

British Open 2017

Learn to pronounce the names of golf players in the British Open 2017.

Do you know how to pronounce the name of Yūsaku Miyazato or Thorbjørn Olesen perfectly? What about Anirbāṇ Lāhiṛī and Pablo Larrazábal?

Don't panic. With this fantastic guide, Forvo offers you the possibility to learn to pronounce not only the names of players, both past and present, but also words and expressions related to golf.

The Open Championship, also known as British Open, is the oldest of the four major tournaments in golf. It is held at Royal Birkdale in mid-July. The 146th efition will take place between 20 and 23 July.

Thumbnail photo: Photo by Igor Ovsyannykov on Unsplash

Header photo: Photo by juan gomez on Unsplash

British Open 2017

Learn to pronounce the name of golfers in the British Open.